Government Transformation

Enterprise DoD Moving Application
  • Role: Architect Scrum Master
  • Mission: System Upgrade
    SAFe Transformation
  • Period: 1/2016 - 1/2019
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Government mandated upgrade
of technology across the board
and adopt Scaled Agile Framework

Project Mission

The mission was clear, the legacy system was outdated, slow, not agile, and had serious security concerns with the legacy frameworks and the infrastructure the system sat on. Myself and a few team members combed through each area of the system and identified the highest risk items that need upgraded first from an infrastructure point of view

Another area of concern was over all architecture which was supposed to be Model Driven but the concept was destroyed over the years from developers not understanding it's purpose. We began to build a traditional service oriented, distributed system with an app tier, web tier and non DoD personnel server. Due to Government inefficiencies, our architecture had to stay with in reason.

The initial effort of new development, I lead between 15-20 person dev team distributed all over the country delegating and mentoring each of them with tasks to build the architecture runway and new features. The method used to smoothly transition users to the new system from the old was the Strangler Pattern in which an indirection layer was used based on the profile to route the user to the correct application.

On the infrastructure side, to keep the legacy system running and service members moving, my tasks where to upgrade the ORM (Kodo) to Data Nucleus, upgrade Java 6 to Java 8, upgrade Weblogic 10.3.6 to 12c, convert Ant build scripts to Maven and a few other things I am forgetting

My team built Proof Of Concepts, broke the work down into Enablers and managed them in VersionOne mentoring and guiding several Scrum teams to complete both new development and legacy infrastructure maintenance

Technical Leadership

  • • Present COAs in Joint Engineering Team meetings to be approved by PMO that moved epics from analyzing to Program Backlog.
  • • Present COAs in the PI planning, architecture vision & development portion to explain what work needs to be pulled from program backlog to support the road map timeline
  • • Led a 15 - 20-person development team in new development of a Service Oriented Architecture utilizing JavaEE and JAXRS as well as a redesigned UI/UX with JSF.
  • • Surgical removal and replacement of an end of life Weblogic 11g ORM library (Kodo) in order to upgrade from Java 6 to Java 8, ultimately allow the program to upgrade from 11g to 12c Weblogic servers.
  • . Used the Strangler Pattern to convert users to new technology systems in order to not disrupt users and minimized risk.
  • • Designed custom unit testing framework to unit test the entire persistence layer's integration with the DB
  • • Analyze all outdated technology and created a plan forward to bring the program up to date. This work was broken down for many scrum teams to consume.
  • • Led the charge on changing the company's' branching strategy from Git Flow to Trunk Based Development.
  • . Pushed Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery which led to two-week deployments instead of 3 months to year between deployments
  • • Apply Attribute Based Access Control system throughout the program. Identified user groups and policies that ensure the user owns the object it is trying to access.
  • • Present accomplishments and system demos to clients at the Inspect & Adapt event

Scaled Agile Transformation

  • • Manage the transition to the Scaled Agile Framework enterprise (SAFe). Attended SAFe for Teams and SAFe Product Owner/ Program Manager course.
  • • Heavily involved in creating the standard operating procedure for the portfolio
  • • Facilitate all scrum activities and ceremonies for my team
  • • Provided leadership to build processes that improved quality, speed and accurate estimation of projects.
  • • Shielded development team from nonvalue-added tasks
  • • Facilitated PI planning for the team and presented the final plan to program managers for approval
  • • Train and lead scrum teams on tools and methods to meet objectives, provide quality code and create a constant feedback loop
  • • Participate in Program Backlog grooming sessions assigning SWAG, WSJF, to help the Program Managers understand road map timelines and budgets needed to meet business needs.
  • • Perform Analysis Spikes into future development efforts to find the best solutions, frameworks and or tools to solve the hardest problems in the program.