Enterprise Digital Transformation

Publicly Traded Enterprise Data Company
  • Role: Solutions Architect
  • Mission: Set the example for transformation
  • Period: 1/2019 - Current
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This client is working through a
full Enterprise wide transformation
on a tight dead line.

Project Mission

Our team was hired to develop and document autonomous Microervices that would take the place of several, independent, monolith applications. This allows for the client to service different size customers, provide better user experience, scale up our down rapidly, develop features faster and deliver immediate, constant value to the end users. True Agile is difficult when working with large, fragmented, monolithic applications

Being apart of many transformations, including of a country, I took the lead for our team in the exercises that need to be done in order to prepare proper deliverables for DDD and architect a full cloud based, distributed, Event Driven Microservice application. An Event Driven Architecture was chosen to handle many complex business workflows and transactions. The development, documentation and execution of the application is my direct responsibility. A proxy service I provide the client is the push for change and making decisions

Other duties required of my position include presentations to many stake holders and receive approval on architecture and transformation plans. As the full enterprise is working through this transformation, it required our team to get involved with all business units across the entire enterprise that is distributed around the globe. Part of our mission was to centralize corporate functionality into the business unit applications to minimize corporate redundant work

Technical Project Highlights

  • • Utilized Google Cloud Platform and many of its managed services
  • • Built full Reference Architecture Development to demonstrate GCP integrations and Microservice patterns
  • • Utilized Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Tools, Swagger as well as many other Spring offerings
  • • Implemented Command Query Responsibility Separation, Saga patterns and several other patterns to handle complex business transactions and workflows
  • • Documented microservices, how to's and best practices in confluence
  • • Designed general boiler plate Microservice that was complete with integrations and folder structures so developers focus on value
  • • Used Angular 7 Elements to build true autonomous micro applications that could be used in legacy applications to strangle out functionality to the new architecture
  • • Served as full stack developer to mentor in front end, backend, infrastructure, Devops and server setup on gcp

Digital Strategy Highlights

  • • Worked with organizational leaders to build an Operational Value Stream map to align Development Value Streams to support the business
  • • Identified Release Trains to organize around the Value Streams
  • • Proposed Agile Team Structure, sizes and skills needed on each team to start the transformation Release Trains
  • • Work with management team and teams to pre Product Increment plan for Kiazen kick off event
  • • Built interactive gant chart so as features were awarded SWAG points and capacity was calculated a numbers based road map could be established
  • • Provide mentorship on Agile practices to stay structured in ceremonies such as sprint planning, back log grooming, and the specific purposes of each ceremonies
  • • Evangelized why standard operating procedures are important, especially when naming Epics, Features, Enablers, User Stories and capacity allocation to effectively work the back log in accordance with road map and budget