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Sr Consultant/ Solutions Architect

Experienced business-oriented software professional, with 10+ years of delivering sustained solutions to enterprise companies. Major experience lies in holistic vision of business, implementing processes and strategies to fill inefficiencies that ultimately lead to better profitability.

These deeply rooted skills will deliver predictability, accurate forecasting, accurate budgeting, process efficiencies across the enterprise, built in quality and overall solidify the connection between the business needs and the development process - delivering best value to all stakeholders.

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Brandon Twitty


St Louis 63111


Career Highlights

Specialty Skill Sets

  • Leadership
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Lean Manufacturing Leadership
  • Lean Sigma
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Architectures
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Event Driven and Event Sourced
  • Distributed Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Native Microservices
  • Model Driven
  • ModelView Controlled
  • Languages
  • Java
  • NoSQL
  • Groovy
  • JavaScript
  • Frameworks
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Cloud
  • J2EE
  • Angular
  • Thymeleaf
  • Groovy on Grails

Professional Experience

  • Transformation Specialist

    Since business needs and technology is for ever changing rapidly, most of my career has been heavily involved in transforming legacy applications to modern systems as well as implementing new business operation frameworks that better align Technological Value Streams with Operational Value Streams to deliver constant value to the end users. Every decision and strategy implemented is looked at through an economic lens

    Below are specific use case accomplishments where demonstrated leadership lead to successful, profitable transformation projects and built some cool technology along the way.
  • Enterprise

    In my current engagement, my team has been tasked with taking a large enterprise data company to the Google Cloud Platform. As a Sr Consultant I lead our team through Domain Driven Design exercises to build and document an Event Driven, Cloud Native Architecture of autonomous Microservices. Also, championed the overall transformation road map to align staffing decisions such as teams size, team make up and agile team structures, outlined the needed iterations of the transformation - presented the architecture and transformation plan to Senior VPs of Architecture, VP of Engineering and VP of the business unit for approval. Currently in process of working with sr managers to facilitate the PI planning transformation kick off event. Lets see how:

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  • Entrepreneurship

    During my time as an Automation's Engineer I noticed a major problem plaguing the entire manufacturing industry across the globe. Manufacturing demands on time delivery in order to keep customer demand happy and commerce flowing. To accomplish this, companies stock pile parts to ensure maximum capacity of production lines. Over time, Original Equipment Manufactures and Production Facilities accumulate millions of dollars of un opened, un used, automation components, drives, motors, relays and many other parts required to maximize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). To solve this massive problem I built a system that would scrape databases, websites and other areas of information for automation component pictures, descriptions, shipping weight and competitive pricing, then list the items online for sale at 1000 parts per hour. Meaning we could list entire warehouses online for sale on my eCommerce site, ebay and other commerce outlets. This option was much better then the alternative yearly inventory purge and was the first time inventory managers had a solution for Dead Inventory. Dead Inventory Management System was born! :

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  • Government

    The Department of Defense built and enterprise system that moved every active duty service member and their dependants (if allowed) to any duty station in the world. The system is very complex with complex rules around military moves and the countries they are moving to as well as all the parties involved using the system. However, it still supported millions of user and completed 600,000 moves on average a year even though antiquated and pieced together with old Java, JSP, on old Weblogic servers, COTS products, other contractors work and truly was a ball of mud architecture. Our mandate was simple (not), first re write everything to a distributed service oriented architecture, remove most COTS products, upgrade all Weblogic servers, oh yea, switch the operation development methodology to Scaled Agile Framework enterprise from traditional government waterfall. All though a sr developer, recognized as a leader, I was chosen to participate in many SAFe certifications and ended up having a large part in writing the Standard Operating Procedure for Agile development. Now I get to do both, transform processes and architect the transformation of the enterprise application. For details on how my direct leadership pushed a majority of the transformation:

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  • Manufacturing

    My career started in Electrical Engineering and low voltage motion controls such as PLC's Servos, Variable Frequency Drives, Motion Control Drives, relay controls, panel design etc. The world wide leader in flexo graphic printing consolidated their facilities, bought some competitors and moved them to St Louis Mo. I was hired to participate in this consolidation and transformation. Mark Andy's owners, AIP from New York, thought our best chance to complete this mission was to completely transform the company to a Lean Manufacturing operating facility. I was chosen to be certified in Lean Manufacturing Leadership. During the consolidation transformation, I served as the Value Stream Leader for the business unit and the only automation controls engineer. Being very young in this position, my only chance to succeed was listen closely to the consultants, follow directions with out questions and follow the framework. Learning and executing a Lean Manufacturing transformation allowed me to truly understand Scaled Agile Framework, which is based off of the Toyota Production System aka Lean Manufacturing. In two and a half years I spearheaded my first transformation taking our cycle time from one machine every 30+ days to every 9 days and drastically increased profits. How?

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